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Covid-19 Threads #3: Dominic Minghella

Covid-19 Threads is a series of short films presenting twitter posts that have appeared with the #Covid-19 tag. These shorts are presented in the same social media space in which they were originally placed by the authors, and documented here.

This film, the third in the Covid-19 Threads presents a tweet by Dominic Minghella, emotionally poised between his own survival from the virus and the death of someone close to his neighbour.

Mutiny Projects is artists Sophie Mellor and Simon Poulter and theatre producer and director, Marcus Romer. Heartfelt thanks to Dominic Minghella for permission to use his material, to Alan Mehdizadeh for voicing the film, and Sandy Nuttgens for post-production sound. This project is produced entirely on a goodwill basis, responding to the human impact of the pandemic.

Mutiny Projects
Mutiny Projects
Mutiny is a new public art organisation inspired by the potential to bring new stories and experiences to audiences across the UK and Europe. Connecting the excitement of a live show, with the wonder of new mobile technologies, Mutiny is playful, diverse and always entertaining. Mutiny was born in 2019, formed by Sophie Mellor, Marcus Romer and Simon Poulter. The new company has the simple aim of bringing fresh performative art and theatre works to new audiences using whatever medium or combination of media it takes. We are accepting new commissions working from our UK base, comprising of the Mutiny HQ in London, Mutiny Corner Studios in Plymouth and Mutiny Shed in Cambridge.


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